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The External Finish! Cladding and more…

The internal structure of all garden rooms are fundamentally the same, but how it is finished on the outside is often how one can put their own stamp on it.

Deciding how your garden room is finished depends on the style you’re after and how you wish it to fit with its surroundings. Is it going to mimic your house, look and feel the same? Is your property surrounded by trees? and you’re after a log cabin style finish with an oak featheredge cladding, or are you looking to make a feature of it and want a  more contemporary look, blending various finishes and textures such as render and Cedar. 

Which leads us onto the ‘in vogue’ finish and the cladding that has become synonymous with garden rooms ‘Western Red Cedar’. Western Red Cedar cladding comes in various different tongue and groove profiles and like a lot of cladding can be fitted horizontally or vertically. With its varied deep contrasting colours it is obvious why it’s a favourite and very popular. Although to maintain the colours like the day it was fitted, it will require some treating. Cedar is a hardwood and needs no treating but eventually the sun will bleach its colours to silvers and greys, which some people may desire but a UV protective oil can prevent this. 

Maintenance and longevity may also be influencing factors in deciding how to finish your garden room. Natural wood looks great, but it is just that ‘natural’ and may need treating or staining over the years to maintain its quality and look. There are however many other man made products on the market these days such as plastic and composite cladding that has a wood effect. The obvious advantages are lower maintenance but also if its clean lines and uniformity you’re after a man made product maybe the solution.

…whats your style??

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