Beach Hut Style Garden Room
Beach Hut Style Garden Room

Garden rooms come in all shapes and sizes but most can be built within ‘permitted development’ negating the need for planning costs. However they can be built to a specification similar to your home and the list of their uses are endless. Home offices are a popular option these days but with many types of entrepreneurs working from home they can be used from beauty rooms to barbers. An extra guest suite with it’s own toilet and showers are great when relatives come to stay, or that occasional Airbnb guest. Games and playrooms can be for children and adults whether it’s you escaping them or visa versa! As rarely no two gardens are the same, garden rooms can be bespokely designed to your needs and with our wealth of experience we can help you turn that funny shape vegetable patch behind your old shed into a functional space begging to be used.

About Our Garden Rooms

Onsite Construction built to the Highest Standards

Concrete Foundations

Typically the foundation or base consists of a concrete slab approx. 100mm thick. Often the slab is sunk to a depth that means the finish height is level with the ground, reducing the ‘step up’ onto the base. The concrete sits on approx.  50mm of compacted hardcore / scalpings / MOT. A course of bricks is then ran around the perimeter of the base with intermittent air-bricks, a DPC (Damp Prof Course) on the the brick course takes a timber plate and stops any water rising into the timber. The timber walls are the constructed on the plate. The aim is that once the facade of the building is added to the exterior of the walls it covers the majority of the base. 


Garden Room Flooring

The flooring finish sits on 18mm chipboard flooring that is bared on the concrete base and insulated between the joists with hard board insulation.

Flooring finish options tend to be determined by hardwearing and easy cleaning options.  ‘Laminate flooring’ is a good compromise between cost and function, this is laid on high performance underlay adding again to the thermal value of the building.  Recently ‘Vinyl tiles’ is becoming more popular for a similar look to laminate, but there are many other options out there, including hardwood floors, tiling and even carpets.

Cladding / Facade

Garden Room Cladding

Externally the buildings can be finished in a many different ways. Timber cladding is a favourite and especially Western Red Cedar, which comes in various colour shades and looks great. Being a hard wood, cedar doesn’t actually need to be treated and eventually if left will turn a silvery grey. Other cladding including; plastic, composite, cement based board is available in varying costs and can help a project stay on budget. A contrast of facades is something that is coming into vogue and something like, cedar against a render looks amazing and really stands out giving the overall finish a contemporary look.

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Timber Frame

Timber Frame Garden Room

The main structure of the building is made from 95 x 45mm (4″x2″) timbers or studs, set 400mm apart. Externally the timber frame carries 11mm OSB (Oriented Strand Board) which adds rigidity to the structure. The versatility of this type of structure means it can be easily constructed to any dimensions and it both light and strong. 

Plastered Interior

Garden Room Plastered Interior

Internally 12mm plasterboard is attached directly to the timber studs upon which two coats of plaster is applied to create a smooth plastered finish which can be painted and is exactly the same as any wall in any house.


Garden Room Electrics

The main requirements regarding electrics are for heating, lighting and power. This requires then, power to the building from the main house and ideally the main fuse board. A simple but stylish electric heater is the most popular option closely followed by electric underfloor heating for the heating. Spot lights or Down lights are the most efficient and functional option for lighting but pendants and strip lighting can also be an option. All of the electrical work can be carried out by our Part P certified electricians.

Roof structure / Roof finish

Cedar Cladded Garden Room Soffit

The roofs are classed as a ‘flat roofs’ and constructed out of timber, size of the joists is dependent upon the span but 6 or 8×2″ C24 grade joists are most common. Firings create the appropriate fall for the roof finish, to allow the rainwater to flow into guttering and away from the building. Typically we use and EPDM rubber which has a 30yr guarantee and is one continuous piece of rubber that can be patched similar to a bike tyre, essentially thats what it is, a thick tyre rubber. Felt and GRP fibre glass can also be used, GRP can also be painted in any colour desired.

Customising your Garden Room...

Here's just a few ideas to get you started

Glazing Options Doors

  1. French doors
  2. French  doors with sidelights (to look like bifolds)
  3. Bifolds
  4. Sliding
  5. Single door.

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Glazing options windows

  1. Casement
  2. Top hung
  3. Side hung
  4. Non opening
  5. Obscured glass
  6. Sidelights
  7. Corner pieces

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cladding / facade

Timber cladding

  • Hard wood 
    – Cedar 
    – Larch
    – Douglas fir etc.
  • Soft wood
    – Treated and un-treated
Plastic Cladding
– Composite Cladding
– Weather board (cement based board)
– Render
– Tiles


  1. Internal spots
  2. Soffit spots
  3. Strip lights
  4. Pendants

…many more

Glazing Options Rooflights

  1. Fixed / Opening
  2. Glass / Poly carbonate
  3. Dome / Flat




  1. Panel heaters
  2. Under Floor Heating



  1. Shower
  2. Bath
  3. Toilets
  4. Sinks

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