Deciding on the materials to landscape your garden can always be tricky. Its often a compromise between the square coverage and the material costs.

Decking has always been a firm favourite, offering an affordable way to cover a large area, that looks great. Softwood decking is used a lot because of its low cost, it does however need regular treatment and as we all know can get very slippery in the winter.

Composite decking has recently being stealing the limelight, often they are a mixture of wood and  recycled plastic formed into traditional decking planks or moulded to look like real wood, some, like the Millboards ‘Weathered Oak’ range are very convincing! The obvious positives of composite are that the don’t rot or get mouldy like wood can and are often less affected by UV damage. The downside is it sits at the top of decking chain in terms of cost, initial outlay can put people off but in the long run, with reduced maintenance and not needing to completely replace rotten wood, the cost can be more justifiable.

Luke, James & Greg have spent 3 days constructing a new decked area in our garden which we are incredibly pleased with!! They were a real pleasure to have at our home, professional, did an amazing job AND cleaned up after themselves. Seriously, can’t recommend them enough! Thanks so much lads xx

Abby Etoe